Tailorie – Brand and Product Recommendations

Case overview

Tailorie aims to revolutionize online shopping by connecting consumers with brands that reflect their personal tastes and values, using a personalized commerce approach. This platform is designed to enhance the shopping experience through curated content and authentic brand-consumer engagements, moving away from traditional ad-driven recommendations.

The Brief

Tailorie.com is a platform that offers a unique approach to online shopping by prioritizing personalized commerce. It connects consumers with brands that align closely with their individual tastes and values, facilitating a discovery process that is tailored to each user. The site emphasizes a user-driven experience without reliance on traditional ads, ensuring that product recommendations are genuinely in tune with users’ interests and needs. Tailorie seeks to transform the relationship between consumers and brands through mindful consumerism and by fostering authentic engagements.

Our Approach

For the Tailorie project, We developed the brand dashboard from scratch using Angular, supported by a Python Django API backend. This dashboard is a comprehensive interface where brands can engage with the Tailorie platform through a detailed 10-step onboarding process. This process is designed to thoroughly integrate brands into the Tailorie ecosystem, allowing them to manage their presence and analyze consumer interactions effectively. We also implemented features that provide brands with insights into their product performance and user interactions.

Tailorie also has a mobile app for both android and iOS built with native stack with a load of exciting features, ranging from managing your canvas, generating image tags from your videos to mention brand and product top hep other users easily search that product. Ability to post media and also to reply post to other people on the platform and/or brands to get connected.

The custom design for this dashboard was provided through Invision, Adobe XD, and Zeplin, which we used to ensure the user interface was both functional and visually appealing, enhancing the overall user experience on the platform.


Tailorie Web and Mobile App was developed in associaton with Synares Systems and with folks from the Tailorie team. 
All Rights regarding this app are subjected to Tailorie, including all Assets, Design and Code.

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