Who We Are?

The last digital agency you'll ever need!

We think you should feel supported by the people you work with

How we treat each other makes us better as software creators. Our talent remains approachable and ready to lend a hand because it’s the right thing to do.

At CrossBlanc we specialize in custom software development, creating and evolving solutions and products to fuel business growth. With decades of development experience, a deep understanding of global markets, and unmatched technical expertise, our team has everything you need to create a great web service platform, mobile application, SaaS, and AI.


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Our Philosophy

Do good and the good will come to you. Each project we select we treat as our own because our client’s success fuels ours.

Our Values

We welcome new ideas and challenges that await us. Keeping a broad perspective on the future, we spot potential and real problems ahead of time, with which we deal promptly. The openness to one another drives our client and colleague relations.

Clear Communication

We build relationships based on integrity and trust, delivering on our promises and maintaining clear communication at all times.

Customer-Centric Approach

We prioritize our clients' success, understanding your unique needs and delivering tailored solutions that drive your business growth.

Innovation and Excellence

As a team on the cutting edge of technology trends, we consistently deliver innovative, high-quality solutions.

Your One-Stop Digital Partner.

In CrossBlanc we turn your business needs and product ideas into digital solutions, starting from mobile applications to sophisticated AI-driven solutions along with strategic product marketing strategies. All of our services are accompanied by well-organized management and product consulting expertise.

Product Strategy Consulting

Launch a successful digital product

UX/UI Design

Design user-friendly apps and websites

Creative Services

Disrupt the market

Custom Software Development

Build software for special needs

Mobile App Development

Develop impactful mobile apps

Web Development

Create websites you can adjust

How we build

To ensure of our clients’ success, we bring in knowledge, technology skills, and high engagement to each project. Our communication remains open for all partners regardless of their continent, culture, or time zone.

We prioritize our clients’ success, understanding your unique needs and delivering tailored solutions that drive your business growth.

We develop your product in iterative substages, allowing for regular testing, feedback, and adjustments to ensure alignment with your expectations.

Post-launch, we provide ongoing support, troubleshoot issues, and develop additional features to keep your product up-to-date and valuable.

Let’s build something great together

We believe in turning ideas into reality and we're ready to join your journey. Reach out to us and let's start discussing your project.

How we Vibe

Things that keep us motivated

A little bit of chit-chat

Should we eat Nutella with or without butter? Who likes pancakes? Being curious about others is welcome here. There’s always a group somewhere, sharing laughs in conversations on news, opinion, memes, or gossip.

Courtesy wins minds

“Thank you” could be among the top phrases here. We send each other kudos notes, award our blog authors and webinar presenters, and praise the most active contributors daily.

Memes, please

When our batteries dry out, there’s still much to do, and we had enough coffee already, there’s one thing that works. We love memes. Like works of art, they get admired on our Slack, where we rank them by the number of collected XD emojis.

The House of hobbies

What do you enjoy after hours? We have several hobby groups that help us all stay happy and active. Here, a hiker can garden, a gardener can game it out, a gamer can cycle, and everybody calls the cook, eventually.

Want to join our team? We are hiring!

You will be provided with the necessary space, tools, and resources to pursue your own ambitions, develop in the chosen direction, and even create a personal expert brand. We encourage, never force!