Clearfunds is a platform designed to streamline the funding process in the construction industry, ensuring projects stay on budget and schedule. It provides transparency and expedites the payment process among all stakeholders involved, from owners to subcontractors, through a user-friendly and secure platform.


The goal of the ClearFunds project is to revolutionize the construction industry's payment process by expediting payments, ensuring transparency, and reducing risk across all project levels, leading to more efficient project schedules and budget management.
For this project, We built a robust and scalable Angular codebase from the ground up, creating a custom UI components library for reusability. Our work involved translating requirements documents and rough wireframes into a polished UI, and we worked in an agile manner, incorporating daily feedback to refine the application. The backend, powered by Python Django, is deployed on AWS, set up the domain and implemented CI/CD for the frontend to streamline deployment processes.

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