Web App Development

Let’s build something great together

We build bespoke solutions like web portals and applications, SaaS, and other mission-critical software workflows for industries like edtech, healthcare & pharma, travel & hospitality, eCommerce & retail, professional services and more.

Build or scale a competitive product ready for future growth and millions of users. Whether it’s a new app or a feature, let our Web app development service take you there.

Our iterative methodologies help build the foundation for your product.

Project Approaches

Our team can develop the front end user interface of your website or web app and integrate it with your existing backend and API.
When you need to develop a backend solution to support your web and mobile app, our backend engineering team is ready to help.
We design and develop easy-to-use admin panels for mobile and web apps, using popular UI solutions that are reliable and easy to support and extend.

Gain confidence that you are building the right product for the right user.

We help set and maintain a course for your product, defining business needs and prioritizing the features that will deliver the utmost value to your customers.

Maintain alignment throughout the development process with detailed requirements and user stories that drive the comprehensive, successful implementation of your product.

Project Stages and Flow

Based on your project stage, we will design the most effective plan to achieve your objectives. Our mission is to release a version of your application—within your timeframe and budget—that your audience will love.

Discovery stage

To efficiently plan and run your project, we start with discovery. In this four-step stage, we collaborate with you to align functionality, prioritize business goals, coordinate strategy, and prototype future products. During discovery, we also define your deadlines and budget.

Design stage

After developing a prototype wireframe, our design team starts to create your application style (the app’s “look and feel”). In this stage, we provide you with a full set of UI screens to use for further development.

Development stage

Product development typically evolves across multiple releases, including a minimum viable product (MVP) for the earliest possible release. To speed the process, we use Agile development with short sprints, and we run the development stage in parallel with design wireframes, documentation, and mockups.

Ongoing development, support, and maintenance stage

After releasing the MVP, our team performs new sprints to speed new releases with additional functionality. And we support and maintain the latest version of the launched app.

Let’s build something great together

We believe in turning ideas into reality and we're ready to join your journey. Reach out to us and let's start discussing your project.

Our whole-solution approach

The CrossBlanc development team doesn’t just code product functions. We give you our expertise and experience to help your solution succeed. We suggest ideas, build dynamically and flexibly, see you through the initial launch, and help you envision and evolve the future for your business.


Custom web app development is the art and science of building phenomenal applications for users to access via the web. Unlike mobile apps, web apps can be leveraged via a range of browsers built into a desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet, or another internet-connected device. These apps can sometimes also integrate with a variety of other tools accessed by end-users, such as CRMs or collaboration tools.

With custom web app development, the technology is built according to the specific needs of the company and their target audience. Here at CrossBlanc, we use an extensive discovery process to learn everything there is to know about your audience, customer pain points, and business goals, to develop an app from scratch that’s functional, secure, and reliable.

Custom web app development services are highly diverse and versatile solutions. The scope of your project will often determine the price you pay to have your technology developed. The more complex the app, the more you may need to pay to access specific tools and expertise.

CrossBlanc uses a transparent pricing model which focuses on the cost of time and materials for each unique project. Our team devises a strategy to fit each individual client’s budget and to position them for growth. This means clients receive a bespoke quote for their project, according to the specific resources they need to access, and the time the app takes to build. This way, you have the complete freedom to adapt your project to suit your needs, without paying more than necessary.

When it comes to custom web apps, the project length depends on many factors. In our strategy discussion, our team will review the complexity of your company’s project, the scope of functionality, and budget. Some web apps can be designed in a matter of weeks, while others take several months. CrossBlanc is flexible and can work according to your individual needs and terms. For some companies, we may suggest various approaches that allow launching MVP faster and having an ongoing development plan. The key to successful custom software development is an agile approach, which allows you to rapidly create a minimum viable product (MVP) for release.

CrossBlanc’s lean and agile approach to development ensures we can rapidly build applications according to your expectations and goals quickly, while taking your feedback into account every step of the way. Our nimble and responsive workflows ensure we can incorporate your insights into our processes, and deliver results as quickly as possible.

With decades of development experience and an understanding of the global markets, CrossBlanc developers have the skills and expertise required to provide sophisticated, AI-driven solutions. Our team can build apps that will support what you are doing now and accelerate your future growth.

Our team is comfortable working in React, Angular, Electron, and TypeScript. Depending on your design and desired outcomes, one of these options may be better suited than the others. We’ll work with you to choose the framework that best suits your project.

Our services range everywhere from Mobile Development to Front-end Development, Back-end Development, AI Development and Computer Vision Development. Whether you’re looking for full project development or simple team augmentation, CrossBlanc has what you need. Whether hired individually or as a custom group, our mobile app developers, backend developers, front-end developers, AI developers, and DevOps can serve as dedicated and essential members of your in-house team. Whether you’re building a mobile application, e-commerce platform, a corporate website, or find yourself in need of rapid security solutions, we stand ready with skills and solutions.